"I highly recommend this program.  All three of my girls have taken Kindermusik with Miss Tina and absolutely love going to class."  - Kerri Hubble


"Louis is an extremely happy and outgoing 18 month old at home, but he gets quiet and reserved in most social situations (baby gym class, library story time, and early pre school). Kindermusik with Miss Tina is the ONLY place outside of home he opens up. He absolutely adores Miss Tina and clearly has such a level of comfort and trust in her classroom that he can let go and be himself. He has been going since he was 12 months... I only wish we had started him even sooner. His younger brother (arriving soon) will begin Miss Tina's classes as soon as possible! It is by far our favorite activity of the week."

Hillary Haase, Kindermusik Mommy

"I started Kindermusik with my son when he was 5 months old.  He absolutely loves the music and the interaction with the other kids!  Kindermusik is a great way for children to learn and explore!"

Kristen, Kindermusik Mommy

"It's just so much fun for my son. It's great socialization and I can see the wheels turning as we do different activitiesr paragraph here."

"My son and I really enjoy Miss Tina and enjoy the different activities and instruments. He's even getting good at helping put his toys away!"

"Miss Tina is an amazing teacher."

"Interaction with kids in a fun environment, and a great group leader (Miss Tina)."

"Fun activities and playtime with kids while learning."

"I believe that this is a great outing for myself and my son. We primarily stay at home so it's fun to get out and meet new people. Plus my son is enjoying the music. I love that he's learning about every day activities."

"We like the fun curriculum, and enjoy meeting with other moms/babies to learn the curriculum."​