We can't wait for you to join us!!!

Look what's included in your membership...

Vivid, Vibrant, Vocal, Vivacious Vigorous, Virtual Kindermusik!

What's included in my Kindermusik Membership:

​1. Access to any of our classes!
You can come to as many classes/week as you like. (Just notify us if you plan on attending a class that is not the class you registered for.)

2. Beautiful take home books! 
(Correspond to the literature we are exploring for the month!)

3. Multi-genre and multi-cultural music!
(Take-home CD that includes world class music and the monthly story beautifully read allowed to your little one.  Perfect for engaging car rides!)

4. Kindermusik HIGH QUALITY instruments!
(6 beautiful instruments/year)

5. Birthday Parties!
(Complimentary birthday party appearance!)

6. First Aid CPR AED Courses!
2 American Heart Association First Aid CPR AED Certification Courses.​​)


Kindermusik via Zoom Policies

  • All participants in the class are registered Kindermusik families.
  • All families require a password to join the class.
  • The video-classes are not and should not be recorded.  No video is allowed.
  • No personal information will be shared with 3rd parties.
  • No screen shots are to be taken if other families are on screen.  YOu may take photos in view that only show you and/or your teacher.

COPA Licensing Guidelines

(Children's On-Line Privacy Protection Act)